Saturday, March 25, 2017

Bristol Artists Book Event 2017

See you at BABE!
We will be participating in the Passport project so stop by our stand for a stamp!

BABE 2017: Bristol Artists Book Event
Saturday 1 April 11-6pm
Sunday 2 April 11-5pm

16 Narrow Quay
Bristol BS1 4QA

The sixth biennial festival of artist book making, featuring the work of bookmakers and small presses from around the world. Since 2007, BABE has established a great reputation as a relaxed and friendly event to meet and chat to book artists about their work and buy works of art. With more than 80 makers taking part, and prices start from just a few pounds, there will be something for everyone.  Expect performances, interventions, talks and workshops across the weekend too.

Featuring artists from all over the UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Norway and South Korea:

ABC@UWE, ABPress, Adie+Maufe, Aidan Moesby, Alembic Books, Alex Czinczel/ TheChincilla, Ambeck Design, Amber Hsu/One Pound Poems, AMBruno, Andrew Law, Andrew Morrison, Annwyn Dean, ANTIC-HAM, Antonio Freiles,, Atlantic Press, BA (Hons) Photography - Manchester School of Art, BA (Hons) Visual Communication - Arts University Bournemouth, Battenberg Press, Bookartbookshop, BookCasePress, bookRoom, Book Transformations, Cafe Royal Books, Carolyn Trant/Parvenu Press, Chisato Tamabayashi, Ciarrai Samson, Collective Investigations, Container UCA Canterbury, Corinne Welch, David Armes/Red Plate Press, David Faithfull, Double Daggers, EAK Press, Eccentric Horace, Elizabeth Willow, Ensixteen Editions, Essence Press, Foreground, Gemma Lacey, Gloria Glitzer, Grizel (Sneezy), Guy Bigland, Hazard Press, Heather Prescott, HG Makes, Impact Press, James Anderson, Jane Cradock-Watson, Jill Carter, Joan Ainley, Joanna Wilkinson, Johan Deumens Gallery, Julie Caves/Little Black Press, Karen Joyce, Karoline Rerrie, Kate Bernstein, Kate Williamson, Leicester Print Workshop, Limbo, Lina Nordenstrom/Grafikverkstan Godsmagasinet, Lion and Lamb Press/UCA Illustration, Liver and Lights Scriptorium, London Centre for Book Arts, MA Book Arts/Camberwell College of Arts, Mandy Brannan, Marches Book Arts Group, Mark Hudson, Mark Pawson/Disinfotainment, Mavina Baker/Teacup Press, Micro Library Books, Mireille Fauchon, Mr Smith, Nancy Campbell, Old Bear Press, one.zero6 press, ottoGraphic, PAPER Gallery, paperwallah, Peter Chasseud/Altazimuth Press, p's & q's press, PylonPress/Plymouth College of Art, reassemble, Rebecca Weeks Art, Redfoxpress, Roberts Print, Ryan Gajda, Semple Press, Sue Clarke, Sue McLaren, The Caseroom Press, The Emma Press, Thomas Tomasska, Uniformbooks, UWE Graphic Design, UWE Illustration, whnicPRESS, Wild Pansy Press.

BABE 2017 includes a mini exhibition, performances, interventions, book making workshops and more! See the series of events happening throughout the weekend.

Organised with Sarah Bodman (Centre for Fine Print Research, University of the West of England) and Tom Sowden (Bath School of Art and Design, Bath Spa University).

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Lost and Found exhibition

Ten artists have explored the ideas of ‘Lost’ and ‘Found’ over the last year. The ‘Lost and Found’ exhibition, showing for two weeks at Espacio Gallery (2 - 14 May 2017), fills the two floors of the large, bright space with impressive historical sculpture, colourful painting, beautiful printmaking, skilful drawing, poetic installations, and interactive games and augmented reality.

Lost and Found - the first thing you think of is Lost and Found Property. But take a moment and you’ll quickly see how often the idea of losing and finding is a part of our everyday experience. You can lose - your mind, your temper and your keys. You can find - inner peace, the strength to go on and your keys. At first glance lost is usually negative while found is generally positive. But most of us relish it when we lose ourselves in the moment and you can find a worm in your apple.

Ten artists have explored the ideas of ‘Lost’ and ‘Found’ over the last year through painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and interactive installations. The artists are: Graham Asker, Julie Caves, Esperanza Gomez-Carrera, Nick Hazzard, Martin Howard, Ruth Kathryn Jones, Peter Lang, Chris Mercier, Matt Smith, and Liz Whiteman Smith. Most of the artists have shown together before in the highly acclaimed exhibitions ‘Artists in Wonderland’ and ‘Quantum: A Journey Through the Standard Model”, both at Espacio Gallery. Though structured around a universal concept, each of the artists has approached the idea from a very different perspective and this broad range of responses has resulted in a thought-provoking, engaging exhibition.

The organizer, Liz Whiteman Smith, feels that the strength of the exhibition lies in the fact that the group of artists meets once a month to discuss their ideas and support each other to create work that is well developed and professionally executed. She says “Visitors will find a wide range of mediums from painting to 3D printing, a pin ball machine to installations. Our artists are moving forward and embracing new technology in their artwork.”

Find the time to see this show.

The Artists:

Graham Asker, an engineer and graduate of Cass School of Art, has hand made a pinball machine to explore the idea of lost and found souls using the Parable of the Lost Sheep.

Julie Caves, a painter with an MA from Camberwell College of Art, has used veils of colour to obscure part of her paintings to show that if one thing is lost another is usually found.

Esperanza Gomez-Carrera, a sculptor and graduate of Wimbledon College of Art, uses a sculptural installation based around a stolen instrument to demonstrate that sometimes losing is winning and not finding what you are looking for is finding yourself.

Nick Hazzard, a graduate in Fine Art from Sir John Cass, works in a process that involves alternately applying and scraping back layers of paint – the marks and gestures are buried, or “lost”, beneath areas of paint, then uncovered, or “found”, when those layers are partly removed. He has combined his process-driven approach with his interest in recent research looking into the recovery of lost memories in those with Alzheimer’s.

Martin Howard, a graduate of Slade School of Fine Art, has made black and white mixed-media drawings that record the area of East London situated around the gallery. Howard has engaged with the lively and energetic surroundings, his figures emerge and disappear, in and out of the shadowy areas around Brick Lane.

Ruth Kathryn Jones, an artist with an MA from Colchester Institute of Art and Design, is exploring the losses that may not be refound. She is interested in the gentrification that has removed women’s access to public spaces and services in her local area. Covering one thing with another, the redacted sanitisation of imagery creates a loss of part of the image; Jones asks if the loss of visibility is indicative of a loss of identity?

Peter Lang, an artist and animator who graduated from Hornsey College of Art, has created an illustrated picture book for children called ‘Tincap and the Lost Sock’, that combines illustration and Augmented Reality - when viewed through a smartphone or iOS device the illustrations become animated. He has also created a series titled ‘Respectacles’ - digital paintings of reading glasses he has lost.

Chris Mercier, an artist with an MA from the Royal College of Art, explores objects and processes and he has made prints of hybrid letters he calls ‘Newfound Consonants’.

Matt Smith, a sculptor and digital artist who graduated from Epsom School of Art and Design, is re-creating a lost sculpture by Italian Futurist Umberto Boccioni, ‘Spiral Expansion of Muscles in Movement’ from 1913. Using the few photos that were taken before the work was destroyed Smith has used digital and traditional methods to study and re-create this lost work. In a way Smith is collaborating with the artist who died 100 years ago in 1917. Although many of his works were destroyed after his death Boccioni’s Futurist influence can be found around the world today because the works were photographed and now one of these lost masterpieces has been re-created and ‘found’ again. Smith will be showing prints of the process as well as a life-size sculpture.

Liz Whiteman Smith, a printmaker with a degree in Fine Art from Buckinghamshire New University, will be showing two series of screenprints looking at lost civilisations and cultures. The first is a series of images of ancient temples that were once at the heart of a civilisation but were lost, reclaimed by nature and then later discovered by explorers. Her series of images from Cuba, a country in danger of losing its uniqueness as it becomes modernised, express her hope that Cuba “can find a way to improve living standards for its citizens without losing the qualities that make it special.”

The Gallery
Espacio Gallery is a co-operative gallery that opened in 2012 in the heart of London's East End art scene, at the top of Brick Lane and has had nearly 200 exhibitions since then. It was founded by a group of artists working across all contemporary visual arts media who wanted a space of their own specially designed to meet their needs. Located not too far from Whitechapel Gallery, Espacio is always part of their First Thursday late-night art events.

Opening times:
Tuesday-Saturday 1-7pm, Sunday 1-5pm (closed Mondays)

Espacio Gallery
159 Bethnal Green Road
London E2 7DG

Twitter @EspacioGallery
Facebook @espaciogallery
Instagram @EspacioGallery

Thursday, March 02, 2017

51%RememberHer exhibition

I have an oil painting and another edition of The Whole Picture showing in this exhibition. 

Launching on International Women╩╝s Day Wednesday March 8th #51%RememberHer references London's 51 percent female population and is the inaugural exhibition of over 100 women artists featuring sculpture, painting, animation, installation, photography, drawing, performance, graffiti, spoken word, history walks, talks and special events throughout the month. #51%RememberHer provides a significant survey of the creative female talent who live, work, study or have a family connection to the creative melting pot of East London.

Organised by Elements Gallery. Facebook event page. #IWD2017

Tower Gallery (East Tower), Memorial Community Church
395 Barking Road
Plaistow, London
E13 8AL
Some of the 28 small paintings by Julie Caves for #51RememberHer exhibition 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Deep Space exhibition

Come see my painting 'Portholes' on the wall in

'This Year’s Model 2017 part II: Deep Space’
at Studio1.1 Gallery on Redchurch St. London
3 - 26 March, private view Thursday 2 March 6-9pm

Peter Roseman, Hitomi Kammai, Michele Marcoux, Day Bowman, Marianne Shorten, Alison Goodyear, Molly Thomson, Matthew Herring, Miranda Boulton, Heidi Cooke, William Wright, Shiroma Ratne, Wendy Saunders, Fernando Leon-Guiu, Ritva Raitsalo, Richard Harris, David Turner, Spencer Walton, Euan Stewart, Emma Coop, Sacha Meaden, Emma Tod, Julie Caves, Etienne De Villiers, Playpaint.

'Portholes' 50x80cm oil on canvas 2016 Julie Caves

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Seeing Red at Espacio

The ‘Seeing Red’ group exhibition, showing for two weeks at Espacio Gallery (31 January – 12 February 2017), will fill the two floors of the large beautiful space with glowing colour.

The colour red grabs your attention; it fascinates and captivates.

Whether scarlet, crimson, maroon, vermilion, berry, ruby, rose, burgundy, carmine, brick, or cerise – red is both satisfying and exciting. The strong feelings suggested by the colour red – passionate love, blood and anger – are always stimulating! Artists have a close understanding of colour and use it to great advantage – as Matisse famously said: “A thimble full of red is redder than a bucketful.”

The 18 colourist artists in the exhibition celebrate the many ways to see the colour red. Red can boost your energy, it exudes confidence and is life-affirming, so this show is a great place to visit in the middle of a dreary London winter. With a focus on painting, the artwork in this show also includes printmaking, collage, drawing and photography. The subjects of interest to the artists in this show include: extinction of species, histories of Asia, human impact on the landscape, the natural world, landscape painting, the colour of flowers, the urban environment, the current political situation, food, nighttime seascapes, portraits, and pure abstraction.

The artists exhibiting in ‘Seeing Red’ are: John Adams, Terry Beard, Tania Beaumont, Liz Brown, Paul Butler, Christine Calow, Laurence Cammas, Julie Caves, Bozena Czyz, Kanwal Dhaliwal, Zelda Eady, Laura Gompertz, Raina Goran, Sally Grumbridge, Philip Leevers, Laura New, Tina Viljoen, and Cary Whitworth.

Organiser Sally Grumbridge, who has organised exhibitions themed around colour before, says: “I hope the exhibition will show how colour can inspire artists and help them communicate. The Espacio Gallery walls will be alive with vibrant, exciting work in all hues of red. The show should appeal to people who love colour, people who are interested in the meaning of colour and people who wish to be cheered up on a grey February afternoon!”

See images on the Jackson's Art blog.

Pleased to have my work included in Fated and Fabled's Best of February.

Friday, December 09, 2016

Lubomirov Angus-Hughes Fancy Xmas Bazaar 2016

Lubomirov Angus-Hughes Fancy Xmas Bazaar
9-18 December 2016

Lubomirov / Angus-Hughes Gallery
26 Lower Clapton Road
E5 0PD

 Facebook event page.

A huge event with hundreds of artworks.  This is just a small part.

A photo from the Lubomirov Angus-Hughes Fancy Xmas Bazaar last week.
Mine were unframed so propped on the floor, the 2 on the left are mine. The oil painting in the centre sold.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Penny Pinchers Carpet

The Penny Pinchers Carpet
9 December 2016 - 10 February 2017

Mischievous Artist Follie Gioir, asks us to look at the portable art in our pockets via the humble penny. With a knowing wink to global art market preoccupations of monetary value, via notions of originality, rarity and provenance. The artist continues to explore his obsessions with the grandfather of contemporary art Marcel Duchamp- with this ultimate ready made, the penny. Taking copper as his chosen medium, the installation will colour, bloom, blush and rust exposed to the environment at Elements Gallery London, the city's first permanent space dedicated to outdoor art. Penny Pinchers Carpet curated by Rebecca Feiner is a joint fundraiser for International Rescue UK & Bowel Cancer Research through auction of pennies in February 2017.

Elements Gallery London
26 Lower Clapton Road (at the junction of Urswick Rd)
E5 0PD

Facebook event page.

'Food', 'Clothing' and 'Shelter' oil paintings.
Julie Caves painted a set of 3 pennies for 'Penny Pinchers Carpet' by Follie Gioir
at Rebecca Feiner's Elements Gallery at Lubomirov Angus-Hughes.
(also: 'bread', penny loafers and cash under the mattress.)

'Food', 'Clothing' and 'Shelter' in situ at 'Penny Pinchers Carpet' mounted by Follie Gioir

My photo of Follie Gioir's installation at 'Penny Pinchers Carpet'.

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Palimpsest exhibition in Germany

'Chocolate Factory' (detail)
Julie Caves
Rice paper, candy floss sticks, lollipop sticks, acrylic paint. 30x120cm , double-sided.
Currently in the 'Palimpsest' exhibition in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany organised by Katja Rosenberg.

Monday, October 10, 2016

My Raffle Painting for the Mill Fundraiser

The Mill charity postcard raffle is over so I can reveal my 'mystery' painting.

'Ride'. Oil painting on primed paper 10x15cm. 
Julie Caves. July 2016

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Greatest Little Art Show 2

I have made a small painting especially for this secret-postcard fundraising art event in aid of The Mill and Forest Churches Emergency Night Shelters. It is a secret so you will have to guess which is mine.

Exhibition: 8 September – 1 October 2016
Raffle draw: 1 October.
Online raffle sales close 30 Sept at 6pm sharp.

"The Greatest little Art Show & Raffle 2" 
100 postcard-sized pieces of art to raffle, donated by local special needs school children, artists, local luminaries and a very famous street artist. 

The funds raised this year will help pay our rent and keep us open to all for another year, also help pay for up to 50 local people to have a warm bed for the night in the emergency night shelter.

The exhibition and raffle runs 8th September until 1st October.  Private view, Thursday 8th September 6.30-9.30 
There's also a closing gala, Saturday 1 October 10-4 at The Mill, there will be mocktails, cake and of course the raffle which starts at 2pm.  All the postcards will be on display, you can meet most of the artists and you'll be the first to taste our new mocktails- The Mill Mojito & The Coppermill Sunset. 

The Mill 
7-11 Coppermill Lane 
E17 7HA 
Nearest station St. James Street which is only 13 mins from Liverpool Street station. 

Raffle tickets can be bought in person at The Mill during its normal opening hours or from the comfort of your own mobile phone http://themill- little-art-show-e17-2/ NB online sales close 30 sept at 6pm sharp. I'd like to thank all the artist for their time, kindness and talent. This would not be possible without them also, The Mills volunteers and the kind generosity of our exhibition sponsors, Estates17, Jacksons Art Supplies and Pictorem Framers.